Turnover of an organization’s top talent is costly in a variety of ways. From the time and expenditures required to find a replacement, to the loss of momentum and morale, it is critical you hire the ‘Right’ talent.

Identifying the best talent for your organization is absolutely critical! We have invested decades in establishing and delivering the absolute best process to ensure long-term retention and engagement.

RM Schulte and Associates specializes in talent acquisition with manufacturing organization across a variety of disciplines.  We partner with automotive and non-automotive clients to provide “A List” candidates to our “A List” clients for direct hire searches. Our specialty is recruiting candidates at the management level of these disciplines. We are focused regionally and have the capability to recruit nationwide for our clients. We develop clients into long term partners by understanding their culture and goals.

Whether you are a candidate or a client, a business partner or a networking source, our goal is to become your professional talent acquisition partner.

RMS Recruiting Process – Our time efficient and cost effective process screens for these key success factors:

  1. Does the candidate have the credentials, skills and experience needed to succeed in your organization?
  2. Does the candidate have the highest level of integrity to represent you and your organization?
  3. Is there a true interpersonal connection between the candidate and your team members?
  4. Is there a match in professional/personal style that will enable the candidate to be successful in the work environment of your company?

Working with Clients

Partnering with manufacturers is our specialty and our passion, and RMS uses a comprehensive approach that includes on-site analysis, a carefully tracked and finely tuned search process, and the desire to fully understand the needs of companies.

When working with companies to understand their talent acquisition needs, our goal is to assess those clients’ needs during the intake process. We strive to get to know our client’s talent acquisition process, culture, and work environment. In essence, we want to be an extension of the client in the hiring process.

At RMS, we want to form recruitment partnerships for life and be an extension of our clients in the talent acquisition process. We accomplish these goals through honest communication, consultative recommendations, timely follow-up, professional presentation of candidates, and submitting only candidates that match your position.

To discuss your current talent acquisition needs, please contact a RMS Recruiter today at 419-224-0106!